I Hate Sundays: Color Mis-Matching

I Hate Sundays 01 31 2016

The lighting in Artful Blasphemy’s dressing area (bathroom) is really warm, so it seemed that this color combination worked. That is, until it reached the cold light of day.

OOTD: Skirted Leggings are Weird

Artful Blasphemy has finally decided that the scarf/shawl around the neck trend is doable. Also, I have some immune system oddities and periodically my neck lets me know that necklaces are unwelcome. In this case I still slipped one on anyway, because who is going to let an itchy rash dictate their choices?

Also, I am wearing skirted leggings, which I got from Choxi. Now. A note on that—-While a skirted legging is seemingly a good idea, it’s…well….ODD. First, I cannot remember that even though I am wearing a skirt, it’s attached to my pants, so I have to pull it down rather than lift it up when I visit the facilities. And, the skirt drags down the waist of the leggings, so it feels droopy in the back.

So, the jury is out on the notion.

Shawl: a gift from a friend who had visited India.

Necklace: The gold hippie goddess from Bisbee.

Top: Divided tunic from ThredUp

Belt: Lucky.

Skirted leggings some brand not worth checking on.

Born boots.

Alchemy: Stubborn Drawing


This drawing, like a small child in a grocery store, dropped to its knees and refused to go one step further no matter what I offered it. It’s been holding that pouty, stubborn position for at least a year now.

I will continue to patiently wait for it to get tired so that we can go forward.

OOTD: OpArt Thrift Store Genius

One Friday, instead of working, the Acolyte and I went thrifting. It was a glorious afternoon, and amongst many treasures, Artful Blasphemy scored this sweet, Op-Art visual festival for like, $7. This is the sort of thing that the Artful Blasphemer lives for.

I wore this to a High Tea themed graduation party. I regret not adding a hat.

Necklace: Vintage, glass, very dangerous.

Vest: Charlotte Russe, purchased at La Tienda de Jardin for $2.50.

Black L/S tee: Max Studio

Skirt: Issac Mizrahi for Target, $5 at La Tienda

Pikolinos boots from ThredUp

OOTD: More Layers More

Artful Blasphemy had a little theme going here, as this ensemble includes the other body con knit dress from Choxi that you saw yesterday.

Graphic tree blouse: John Fashion via Satan.

Sweater: Peruvian Connection, purchased second hand in Santa Fe at Double Take. {Sad Story: I bought this for $50, which in thrift currency is a pirate’s fortune, and the third time I wore it we got bleach on it when taking my hair to platinum because I was in too big a hurry to take it off and wear a smock as my hairdresser suggested. Lesson Learned.}

Knit dress: Capella Apparel from Choxi

Tights: Trendy Legs — they are fabulous

Born Boots

Book Review: The Tsar of Love and Techno (Soviet Fatalism at its Best)

I love an anthology, but to say that this is just a collection of short stories sells it way short. Many authors try to link short stories in a way that often comes across as clumsy device, but that is not at all the case for The Tsar of Love and Techno. Anthony Marra skillfully and beautifully travels back and forth in time, threading the stories together so well that the result is nearly a novel even as each section can stand alone.

The stories are all based in the USSR and Chechnya, and for an American sensibility the fatalism and acceptance of a farcical, harsh existence that is the Soviet’s lot in life is mind blowing. At once tragic, hilarious and fascinating, this is top notch writing. The level of absurdism present in daily life throughout each story stands side-by-side with an almost childlike sense of innocence that is steadfastly maintained in the face of pitiful odds.  It’s the sort of book that at times begs the reader to grab someone else in the room and read a section out loud because it’s just too magical or funny or perfect to be appreciated alone. A very rare, very deserved, 5 entire shiny stars.

OOTD: Body Con Layering

Artful Blasphemy cannot resist internet bargains, so after about the third aggressive ad for Choxi appeared on my radar, I bit. I ordered a package of two knit “Body Con” dresses for $20, knowing full well they would be thin and likely far too “conscious” for this real body.


As an aside: There is nothing wrong with your body or my body at any age, the question is only “What will I be comfortable wearing?” This dress alone makes it very obvious that I wear underwear (SHOCK) and that my tights smooth my rear right up until they create the famed muffin top effect. I would like to say that I am cool with that and still feel attractive but….I’m well conditioned by social perceptions and I would be miserably tugging at various undergarments all the live long day. If you have escaped the bonds of judgement, I applaud the hell out of you. If you haven’t, IT’S OKAY. Just, whatever you wear, make sure you feel good in it.

BUT, they are great layering pieces. It’s a win!

Olive knit dress: Capella Apparel via Choxi

Beige knit top: Cherish, purchased at Lulu, a local boutique (on clearance, naturally)

Simply Vera Wang heathered tights.

Born Boots.

I Hate Sundays: Smelly Cat

I Hate Sundays 01 24 2016

It’s a sin to do this with the fabulous FLY boots…..making them appear with a so-so outfit. Someone even said I looked “relatively normal” which is high treason in the Artful Blasphemy universe.

Artful Blasphemy did not take the time to explain to this person that the goal was to reference a modernized Navajo look, in part because this person wasn’t the sort to be interested anyway. AND, because I was realizing that the unbearable odor of onions was arising from the armpits of this blouse.

Does that ever happen to you? Even though you’ve just gotten it back from the dry cleaner? It’s the *worst* feeling. I went home immediately, unable to stand myself for another moment. Also, I fired the dry cleaner.