OOTD: Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Sometimes Artful Blasphemy likes to wear all the fabulous things together.

Coat is vintage 60s and probably had a matching sheath dress that went with it. Where the dress wound up is anyone’s guess, but the coat — found in a thrift store–is mine, mine, mine.

A lady accosted me over this coat while I was waiting to see my shrink (rude–we do not accost people at the therapist’s office, we nod or offer a sight smile and move on). “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?” She cried. I said, “It’s vintage.” (This is where the conversation should end, since this means there is only one, and I have it). “BUT WHERE DID YOU GET IT?!” she demanded. “Um. At a thrift store.” Still, apparently, not enough. “WHICH ONE?” “Look, it was years ago, I don’t know.” Affronted, she swept away.

That’s the thing about thrift–it’s a contest to find the good stuff, and where this coat is concerned, I WON.

Dress: Ali Ro via ThredUp. I *love* the graphic quality of the print.

Peacock feather tights are several years old from ModCloth. They are losing their religion and won’t last much longer, sadly.

Miz Mooz booties from Satan. Artful Blasphemy broke a key rule with these. The rule is that I am not allowed to buy shoes from Satan unless I have worn them before and know for certain what size and how they fit.


I *really* wanted a pair of Miz Mooz shoes, so I spun the wheel of chance and it worked out. Whew!


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