April 2016 Wrap-Up

Farewell, April–and hello May!

Shopping Saturday: I’ll Fly Away

Shopping Saturday 04 30 2016

Let’s fantasize about spending thousands of dollars so that we can fly away or, most likely, stay and fight….

Upper Left Corner: To set the mood, don this beetly black feathered collar/shrug from Etsy seller MetamorphQC, shipping out of Denmark.

When you arrive home after a particularly arduous day, be Lady MacBeth and try to wash the blood off your hands–but not with a soap as beautiful as the one next to that collar. From Etsy seller The Charming Frog.

Dine on your enemy’s heart with this magnificent chandelier setting some mood lighting from Etsy seller Jason Tennant. Take all the art off the walls so the shadows can frolic and menace.

Even darkness requires light. When undercover you can hint at the blackness of your heart with this beautiful feather temporary tattoo from Etsy seller Tattooary, a charming seller whose work I used in part of the makeup design for our production of Frankenstein last semester.

Either of these necklaces in the center would augment your most conservative work ensemble and make your coworkers hesitate to bother you with petty concerns. White bird skulls (they are resin, don’t freak out) with beads that look like drops of blood by Etsy seller Skullery. Black wings work beautifully if you want to go about unnoticed…just imagine them wrapping around you like a cloak of invisibility. By Etsy seller Hibernacula.

Feeling more graceful and symbolic? The lower left item is for you, then. Choose this gorgeous one-of-a-kind piece from Etsy seller iheartnorwegianwood. Intimidate everyone as you flow inside, the embodiment of a regal swan. Most people are a little afraid of swans. And geese.

Damn, this stuff is expensive! Worry not, loves, this beautifully graphic tee will satisfy your need for corvae without breaking the bank. By Etsy seller MaidenVoyageClothing.

Cinch your angry thoughts firmly with this belt, clenching your teeth when people ask if you are feeling angelic. Maybe. Maybe not. From Etsy seller ContrivedtoCharm.

Subtlety is not your strongest suit, though. Time for you annual evaluation at work with your asshole boss? Set the tone with this mask. Leave no doubts about the pleasure you derive as you imagine pecking his or her eyes out….From Etsy seller HighNoonCreations.

OOTD: Long Flattering Layers

OOTD 04 28 2016 AOOTD 04 28 2016 B

See? I told you I like these marble necklaces…

Top: Kensie, scored at Buffalo Exchange in Albuquerque

Skirt: Free People via ThredUP

Miz Mooz booties (2 days in a row!)

Long layers is probably the most flattering look in my fashion tool box, as it skims where I am widest and accentuates my height. I always feel good in these ensembles.

OOTD: Jeans, Sadly. Jeans.

OOTD 04 27 2016 A

Oh man, Artful Blasphemy is wearing jeans. I keep trying, and failing, to find a flattering pair.

Sweater: Glamorous via ThredUp

Necklace: From my mom—she had three of them and it’s like wearing the glass grapes my Grama always had on her entryway table. In a good way.

American Eagle tee that never fails to make me look both bustier than I am and also like I need a better bra. -sigh-

Jeans: Boden, from ThredUp

That fabulous Heidi Abra bag….

Miz Mooz booties.

OOTD: Glorious Boiled Wool

OOTD 04 26 2016 AOOTD 04 26 2016 B

Artful Blasphemy doesn’t get all that many chances to wear boiled wool, but when possible, this is a favorite.

Firefly necklace peeking out, and beautiful dragonfly brooch two dear friends gave me for my birthday some years ago.

Jacket: Sleeping On Snow, purchased at Anthropologie in Las Vegas.

Skirt: Silk, Double D Ranchwear, purchased at Double Take in Santa Fe a few years ago.

El Naturalista boots.

OOTD: Wearing a Blanket to Work

A woolly blanket worn two ways.

It took some wrangling to get control of today’s ensemble–as you can see I found the skirt unbalanced the ensemble so I switched to jeggings.  It’s not often you can justify wearing a wubbie as fashion, but the chunky shawl from My Beloved balanced security blanket and clothing pretty well. From Thredup.

Sweater is Peruvian Connection, purchased two years ago in Santa Fe at Double Take for $50 and which I wore to get my hair bleached so now it has a stain. Fortunately, it won’t show underneath the buffalo I am wearing.

Levis jeggings and the faithful Born Boots.

Shopping Saturday: Flowing

Shopping Saturday 04 23 2016 (1)

Shopping Saturday contemplates easy summer wardrobes. Artful Blasphemy works at University, so in 2.5 short weeks, I’m off for the summer. In Southern New Mexico, summer is Hot Hot Hot, which means that one wishes for cool, flowy layers.

Also, if there is one thing I do not wish to show to the world, it’s my legs. Long skirts protect the illusion that I do not have varicose and spider veins and saggy knees.

Our first skirt on the bottom left is silk, from Anthropolgie. The watercolor aspect of the ombre dye over a delicate print just makes it feel so cool and refreshing–like a tall gin and tonic on the veranda.

Artful Blasphemy is terrible about buying bottoms (pants, skirts, leggings) without also buying tops to go with them, so I’ve striven to present you options in case you aren’t comfortable going topless (seriously, though, it would feel great). Thus, just above that skirt is a lovely, ombre dyed tunic from Peruvian Connection. I struggled a bit because the long top could well obscure the skirt, but I believe it is sheer enough that it will really enhance the skirt.

IF, however, you want a shorter top, then the upper left peasant blouse from Gudrun Sjoden is your ticket. I am having a quiet love affair with Gudrun Sjoden. I am very attracted to the colors and clothing and pattern-on-pattern and yet also slighty concerned that I am ogling old lady clothes.

The next skirt is available from Etsy seller JoozieCotton, which ships from Thailand. I am skittish about the Asian sellers, as they often send you something completely unlike what you thought you were ordering. I would choose to buy fabric and copy it, myself.

Paired with it is an  adorable floral tunic top from ModCloth. There is nothing not to love about that ensemble,

Next, in a delightfully Parisian set-up, a skirt from Gudrun Sjoden (let’s face it, the whole outfit is absolutely magical). Maybe it’s okay that I am leaning towards beautiful, high quality old lady clothes? Because that is a stunning look. In case you don’t want the whole matchy-matchy outfit, I suggest you pair it with this top, also from ModCloth.

Back to the purple world (I miss you, Prince), a skirt from Free People. It’s lovely, and ridiculously over-priced at $350. As we all know, Artful Blasphemy has been burned numerous times by Free People, so proceed with caution. But, if you have the clams, you should pair it with this lovely, loose blouse from Gudrun Sjoden.

Last, but by no means least, this amazing piece from Etsy seller Shovava. Wander through that amazing Etsy store, too, if you want to be dazzled. Delish. Really, the best pairing with that is a simple tank top, but this interesting knit top might make a real statement, too. From Etsy seller SHIHAR–sourced from Israel.

So, let’s done our flowy, comfortable clothing and sit under the misters with a negroni and know that the garden is that much prettier with you in it.

OOTD: Muppet Eyelash Sweater

Some Pattern-on-pattern–something Artful Blasphemy doesn’t fear in the slightest.

Sweater: So many muppets lost their eyelashes to the making of this sweater by Glamorous from ThredUp.

Ali Ro dress, also from ThredUp.

Born Boots with cotton tights I got a long time ago from Satan.

OOTD: Papucei Papucei Papucei

While in Santa Fe, I went to this shoe store with the express intention of buying a pair of Papucei shoes, which the Acolyte had discovered and told me about. They are hand crafted in Romania, very unique, and -ahem- expensive. But they were having a 40% off sale, so that was that. Note the burnished gold toe and small bow on the back, plus that hand carved heel. What’s not to love?

Sweater: Peruvian Connection, from my mother.

Skirt: Also Peruvian Connection, found at My Rich Sister’s Closet.

Boots: Papucei. Delicious.