Shopping Saturday: Graphics

Shopping Saturday 04 02 2016

Graphic Gypsy Content here….Artful Blasphemy is smitten with prints, particularly digital, but also embellishment like embroidery, beads, sparkly bits…

Mary Katrantzou is all about the digital print, high impact graphic art dress. I would have a closet full if money were no object.

Cotton fabrics used to be the only place you could see really strong graphics and color, and House of Sarah–an African designer, is not shying away with that full, blue and pink maxi skirt. Also, they are on sale, so hurry over there.

Artful Blasphemy’s legs are not the sort one wants to see uncovered, so if the skirt is shorter, these gold (or silver) bee tights are wonderful.(She’s got a pair that says Fuck Off, too…right clever).

Want the leg coverage but not something covering your feet (Artful Blasphemy will not abide this socks in sandals thing that seems popular)? Want it in a healthy size? Pick these peacock sparkly leggings.

So, the boots prevent us from being too matchy-matchy (something I tend towards) as well as being flipping awesome. They are very similar to a pair I wear frequently–I got mine secondhand for a song ($45), but you can’t win them all, and those are worth the price tag.

Finally, a dress from StyleWe that Facebook pushes on me relentlessly. I long to try that site…has anyone? Is it one of those Chinese rip -off sites? Dish; tell me everything.



  1. Lynn · April 4, 2016

    Oooo! I looooove these, especially the skirt in the top center photo. I am a big fan of bold colors and busy prints, especially paisley and similar designs.

    I once ran across a wacko website that went on and on about how paisley was evil and attracted the devil. So funny and made me like it all the more. Blasphemy indeed. 😉

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