OOTD: Our Hotel is Nicer than the Governor’s “Mansion”

While Artful Blasphemy was in Santa Fe, there was an opportunity to visit the Governor’s “Mansion” (a note: the Governor of New Mexico does NOT live in a mansion, she lives in an okay house–it was quite underwhelming). Artful Blasphemy is not at all a fan of the current Governor, so my carefully selected ensemble was designed to be attention getting, and as if instead of me being impressed to see the gov’s abode, the gov’s abode should be impressed to see me.

Afterward, wandering around our hotel (The Eldorado), we stumbled into a bizarre, white and gold space that we supposed was meant to be a wedding chapel. If you want a blindingly white space with overwrought gold accents. What better backdrop?

Necklace: One must wear turquoise in Santa Fe, so I did.

Top: A & G Amal Guessous Silk sweater

Skirt: Double D Ranchwear (one must wear some Western wear in Santa Fe, but you can tell I am a NM native because I mix it up) velvet–found at La Tienda de Jardin.

Boots: El Naturalista


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