OOTD: Valentine’s Parisian with Bandana

OOTD 05 05 2016

Yay! This was Artful Blasphemy’s Valentine’s Day ensemble. I’ve had that little bandana for years, YEARS, and have wanted to wear it but never had the nerve. Why? Why would a bandana intimidate me? I have a horror of being too precious, and I loathe bows. Also I used to tie bandanas on the dogs, so….

Tunic top: Carole Little, thrifted at, I think, La Tienda de Jardin.

Under top: Sweet Claire, from Modcloth.

Levis Jeggings

Fly London boots, saviors of so many outfits.

So romantic! So Parisian! Did we go out? No, but I kissed the dog and got lipstick all over her face.



  1. Jo · May 5, 2016

    I’m so with you when it comes to bows (a side effect from having survived the fashions of the late 70s), but I do love me some bandanas. Still have my first ever bandana – carefully preserved at this point – and have graduated to the Badbandana which looks uber-traditional at first glance, but is a delectable combination of bats, monsters, and other obnoxious creatures.

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    • artfulblasphemer · May 5, 2016

      It’s the funniest things that we find ourselves resistant to. I loathe bows, they look so precious and insipid. But I have warmed to the bandana.

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