Shopping Saturday: LagenLook

il_570xN.586155102_nygeShopping Saturday 05 07 2016

In Today’s Shopping Saturday is a LagenLook theme. Now, I see the term Lagenlook thrown around all the time, and it seems to have very far-ranging interpretations. Essentially, Lagenlook means a layered-look, often (but not always) including natural fibers like cotton, linen and silk and sort-of natural fibers like Rayon or even Tencel. The single photo of an atrocity is how Lagenlook goes terribly wrong and becomes wretched, unflattering, and entirely lacking in any sense of design. Please. No.

However, done well, there are some really great interpretations from elegant to artistic to a nearly couture-meets-the-fairy-queen that are lovely.

First, on the upper left, is an Eileen Fisher ensemble that is worthy of just about any semi-formal event. That particular ensemble is no longer available, but the website features many, many more minimalist interpretations of Lagenlook (which is German, by the way, for Layers).

Second from the left….How about those colors and movement from I Dare To Be by Designer Barbara Speer? Super flattering on any figure, the right combination of dye, layers and flowing components is absolutely stunning.

Upper row center is the place where design, dye, composition, texture and imagination gather to create wearable art. By Etsy seller RAWRAGSbyPK, all work done by the artist and created in Denmark. Her store is a visual feast. For every store like that, there are ten who think they can slap a doily on some 90s horror and call it romantic.

Home Frocks in Santa Fe is another splendid example of the romance of layering clothing. So beautiful I featured them twice, upper fourth from the left and lower second from the left

Last on the top row is a splendid piece that cries out for leggings, or harem pants, or a long skirt to pair with. Currently unavailable, I would watch that EBay seller for it to come back. pretty_big_stuff ships out of England.

Lower row, first from the left is a more structured, but still wonderfully layered design from From the fall 2011 InAisce collection.

Center, a pair of Doc Martens that would go perfectly with any one of these looks. From our good friends at ModCloth.

Second to last a design from Ivey Abitz. I like that the ensemble would be as at home walking by the winter sea as it would in a Dickens novel.

Last, one more from  RAWRAGSbyPK. I cannot thin of a better color than that rust and fiery copper combination. Dreamy.


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