Women Are Anxious So It Doesn’t Count

Right? I am lucky that my spouse and my PCP know that I am not anxious because I have labia/ovaries/a uterus, but the rest of the world? Good luck.

I had a shrink tell me once that worrying is like wishing for something bad to happen, which gave me a complex on top of my complex (a duplex? Complexi?) because now I was worried that by worrying I was making the thing I was worried about happen and I didn’t want it to happen that’s why I was worrying! Job security for one of us, there.

I also know that worrying is a form of wanting to be in control of things. WHAT? Yes. I have anxiety because I feel responsible for things I am actually not responsible for, and nothing gets me stuck in that head space like medical stuff. The next heart procedure is scheduled for August 5th in Austin, Texas. Here’s some things I’m worrying about:

  1. Long have I monitored my blood pressure and pulse with a machine I felt I was too young to have to buy, but now it has become a very unhealthy, possibly abusive relationship as I check it 50,000,000 times a day. The last few days have not shown the numbers that indicate the PVCs so yesterday I panicked over that because what if I spontaneously healed and we go to Austin and I waste our money being told to go away by the surgeon? And IF that happened what if then the PVCs returned mid-semester and we had to go back to Austin and it would be more complicated and probably ruin Christmas and I am sure you are really, really glad they haven’t come up with a home EKG machine, I know I am because I would do nothing else all day long. This particular thought spiral truly has no end, so today I have checked it once and am going to try to take a break (but not see other bp machines) from that relationship. It can only show me one thing which is how fast my pulse is and while the low numbers are often indicators even if they aren’t showing up that doesn’t mean anything at all, let it go let it go let it go…..
  2. I will likely have to take FMLA and miss the beginning of the semester because of recovery time, but I can’t get that ball rolling right now because the medical assistant in Austin (whom I emailed with questions first thing Monday morning) hasn’t replied. My anxiety thinks it’s because I have already annoyed her and she hates me and will order an extra IV because I am bugging her so how much worse will I make things if I call to follow up so that I can actually PLAN AHEAD so that my workplace can figure out what to do without me for what is currently an unknown period of time? Yet, until I know how much time to amend my FMLA for, I can’t do anything at all. Except play that fucking Match 3 game (Wizard of Oz, very addicting).
  3. I think I have an ear infection, but my brain has decided I have some flesh-eating bacteria and I am really sitting on my hands not to text my husband and give instructions for what to do if the only way to save my life is by lopping off appendages (send me to hospice, dude, I need hands to live) and such. Because: my crazy is self-aware.

I could go on, but you surely get the picture. I am not asking for advice, really; Xanax and I spend our evenings together with a glass of wine so that I can take a little brain-break, and it’s thought that once the heart thing is controlled, the anxiety will ease off. My PCP and I have further plans to try medication for generalized anxiety that also stabilizes the gut once this cardiac thing is resolved. Right now, though, all I can do is white-knuckle it and try to laugh at what my brain comes up with to trip my trigger with.



  1. Helen McKinney · July 13, 2016

    Lots of psychobabble advice… check your bp as often as you want .. who the fuck cares! You get to check your 500,000 times a day (seriously) BP, call the nurse because you have a right to information, cry and take meds. Who the fuck cares, don’t shrink yourself, to please someone else! It’s taken me 66 years, and a divorce, to realize i get to do what I need to. Someone judging my mental health is about a need to disregard and shrink me (and you) as a person. No One is allowed to judge you!

    I am so glad that you have someone who is impatient and thinks you “should” be better.



  2. prttynpnk · July 13, 2016

    Oh again I feel a kindred spirit- anxiety and worry are the other musketeers in my daily dramas. I’ve taken4 days off and I’m convinced when I return to work they will fire me. No reason to, just the voice in my head.
    Take your bp, be aware of your body and don’t stress about stressing. It happens. I hate it, but it happens.

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    • artfulblasphemer · July 13, 2016

      You and I are long lost sisters! The fun we could have together 😉 I find other anxious people are the *best* therapists and it works in a sort of exchange. I call and say, “Want to swap crazy?” and we do, and we tell each other all the right things we can’t tell ourselves, and it works. The things our brains tell us, dude, what a lot of creativity going on in the anxiety centers…..

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