OOTD: Sunny Side Up

OOTD 08 02 2016 AOOTD 08 02 2016 B

That black thing on my wrist is my key card for work, which I forgot to remove before we took these photos. A student once asked me, “Is that some sort of sleeve garter you wear?” One gives me far too much credit–it is simply the only way I can avoid locking myself out of my work space multiple times a day.

Jacket–I got this at La Tienda de Jardin, it’s a very pretty linen with embroidery on the back (not that I managed to photo that) and a scarf for a belt. Label is lost to the past, sadly.

Tank top: I got swindled into buying this little polyester, snaggy, pilly tank at Anthropologie for FULL PRICE because: I don’t know. Pressure from annoying sales people. It is a great color, but it is an awful fabric. I have work in for years simply to justify paying $25 for something made out of a thicker version of pantyhose.

Skirt: Alex Marie. I think I found it at Savers. It’s a great cotton with a self-slip.

Shoes: Chelsea Crew, probably via Satan.


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