Shopping Saturday: It’s All Right There

Shopping Saturday 08 13 2016

I love Shopping Saturday, but it’s sometimes hard to curate, so you will forgive me that this week’s spending spree is efficient since it all comes from BuyKud. Why yes, they are one of those Chinese retailers who advertise on Facebook and I *may* have finally clicked through because, well…..

…because everything on that site needs to be in my closet right now. Right. Now.

I have no idea if they are a legit retailer. I have no idea about sizing (except in Chinese shoe sizing I’m a 41.5 at best and their shoes don’t go up that high–please make shoes for the giantess, I beg). I don’t think they are as shady as the Shein and Shewe ilk, who are firmly documented as totally fraudulent.

Even if they are, though, friends, WE CAN MAKE THESE CLOTHES. Yes we can. Okay, those multi-layered lotus-bloom looking pants might be a minor challenge, but in general, these are simple, generous silhouettes in mostly natural fibers (the one dress featured big is a poly mesh, I think, can you imagine how comfortable that is?). Dream. Fancy. If you order something do report back about your experience.


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