Shopping Saturday: Dreaming of Fall with Legit Retailers This Time

Shopping Saturday 08 20 2016.png

Since I sent you on a wild goose chase last Saturday, let’s stick with some generally known and reliable retailers this time, shall we?

Someday, Fall will come. Here, that really isn’t until November at the earliest, but a girl can dream.

First, the perfect train skirt from Peruvian Connection. That is the skirt for this figure, Lobster, let me just tell you.

Oh, Free People. I try, I really do. You call this a dress, and I call it “I forgot pants oops that’s okay we’re at Burning Man”. BUT. I adore the Art Nouveau print, and it would be lovely with a skirt, leggings; you know, bottoms of some sort.

Sundance and I have an on-again off-again thing because sometimes it really does seem artisanal and other times like crap with high prices. This lovely dusty lavender skirt, though, Yes. I only wish it were longer but that’s what cool boots and tights are for.

I am well aware of the logistical issues of wearing something with this much fabric, but is it cool or what? I am willing to deal, I am. By Etsy seller MOBILIJO. I have love for them, I do.

Finally, straight back to Peruvian Connection for this visually arresting dress that it would be cold enough to wear here maybe twice a year. That’s not stopping me, though.

Dream of Fall, and it will eventually wander in, I’m sure.


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