Shopping Saturday: Tights for the Tightly-Wrapped

Shopping Saturday 08 27 2016

If all is going as planned (it’s interesting writing posts for the future, seriously) Artful Blasphemy returns to work this Monday, and going back to work always puts me in the mind for new tights. I have nicely shaped legs, but the consistency is lacking. Like pudding–I mean, that’s kind of their consistency. Plus there are lots of spider veins and the like, so, TIGHTS!

First, upper Left corner, OH MAH GAWD. Etsy seller Tinkercast makes these by special order /commission. Are they durable? No clue. Are they the greatest thing ever? YES. They are mermaid tights with silicone scales. I’m dying. They are too much.

Just below that, while I hope my feelings for work will not decline too rapidly, there is a moment during every tech week where I think I would decide to wear these. I’d probably wear a long skirt and they’d be (mostly) my secret, but you never know. From ETsy seller Emteesee, whom I’ve featured here before.

Fall always means a big order from Sock Dreams, and last year I got a Red Riding Hood-themed pair by the artist who created these lovely Princess and the Pea tights. The detail work is astounding. Skipping the middle for a moment, Sock Dreams also has a few more of these lovely, lovely floral tights that are woven, not printed.

Back to the middle, Artful Blasphemy cannot resist Art Nouveau, and these highly graphic stunners from Etsy seller TejaJamilla are winter boot ready.

Finally, from another favorite vendor, TrendyLegs, a mustard yellow vision of New York City from street to sky Artful Blasphemy doesn’t wear miniskirts but you should to show these off.


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