OOTD: Layered Thrifted Poorly Made Still Works

OOTD 08 29 2016 AOOTD 08 29 2016 B (1)

This was the next to last day of the Spring semester, y’all! So I’m crazy layered.

Necklace: Firefly

Blouse: Chicos, but I got it at an estae sale. I normally refuse to buy Chicos new or secondhand because when we got one here, a friend of mine went in to check it out, and the clerk pounced on her and took it upon herself to tell my friend that “your size” would not be found there. So, I apologize to the gods that I like this. Maybe I can cut the tags out…..

Purple thing: That is a sheer silk tunic made by some local idiot who claims to be able to sew but is a damn liar. It’s total crap, but I needed a layer.

Tank top: White House/Black Market, it was Luray’s, it, too, is falling apart.

The cheap as black skirt.

Camper sandals.


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