OOTD 09 06 2016 AOOTD 09 06 2016 B

Finally, the caftan! I made her from a vintage sari, and what I did was fold it in half lengthwise and then cut the fold so I had two long pieces. I laid them out lengthwise, found the center and marked the neckline. With the pieces right side together, I stitched that line I’d marked and cut out the middle, leaving 1/4″ seam allowance, flipped on through the other and top stitched around the edge. Then I added fancy elastic at the underbust, stitched the sides so that there were armholes and side vents and hemmed the raw edges.

I’m wearing shoes, I assume, but don’t remember which ones, and a shawl my mom gave me. Necklaces include a J Crew, also from my mom, and the hippie Bisbee necklace. I’m also wearing a cuff that you will get to see in Art Quilting Studio magazine’s Winter 2017 edition, available December 01, 2016. VERY EXCITING.


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