Shopping Saturday: Glorious African Fabric

Shopping Saturday 09 17 2016

I’m having a sort of last gasp of summer (ha ha, it’s still hot here) and also recently found a great piece of African fabric at a thrift store–2 yards for fifty cents–so I got inspired and spent some time on Etsy gathering some lovely examples.

Upper Left Corner: Lovely dress that’s tailored enough you could wear it to work but also cheerful and unique as all get-out. Offered, at a very reasonable price, by Etsy seller Sapelle. They also have a direct website. Based out of London.

Upper Center: Really large scale fabric–like African meets Marimekko–in a crop top. Offered by Etsy seller TexturesandTings. Also based out of London.

Upper Right Corner: Super cute summer skirt in fabulous colors, offered by Etsy seller AfricanStylesImports based in Maryland in the US. Her store is full of interesting stuff.

Dead Center: Another lovely dress, described as a shift, but it’s more tailored and fitted with interesting pleating at the waist to create an asymmetrical skirt. Offered by Etsy seller MelehDesign, based in…..LONDON! Again!

Bottom Left Corner: This fabric is African-esque, but it’s the only dress that is really a shift rather than a sheath. In case you were worried I didn’t know the difference, there you go. Rest easy. It’s a vintage 80s Jeffrey and Dara dress, found in the shop of Etsy seller ClassicHandmade.

Bottom Center: A very traditional African dress, with traditional ribbon work, puffed sleeves, fitted bodice and long, full skirt. From Etsy seller ElleKayAfroPrints, out of Wisconsin, USA.

Lastly, should you just want fabric so you can sew up your own dream garment, this piece is gorgeous. It costs a little bit more than my fifty-cents score, but it’s worth it. From Etsy seller DigginHerRoots, out of Maryland, USA.


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