Monday Book Review: Amp’d (Indeed It Is)


Not a memoir, but written as if it were, Amp’d follows the tortured, often caustically witty path of Aaron, who has returned home to his father’s house after an accident causes the loss of his arm. Where it could be just self-pitying, there is enough self-awareness and humor to keep it from becoming maudlin. Written within the framework of being funny, sarcastic, absurd but then also revealing a soft underbelly of emotional reserve that saves our anti-hero from being just some asshole who lost his arm, the book is genuinely entertaining, occasionally laugh-out-loud funny (although not on the level of David Sedaris, where you can’t breathe and have to read aloud to whomever is near you, wheezing and gasping as you try to see through your tears). Some aspects seem a bit too over-engineered, but overall a quite entertaining read. 3 stars. A few giggles.


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