Shopping Saturday: Red Blue and Exotic

Shopping Saturday 09 24 2016

Today’s Shopping Saturday is brought to you by reds, blues and exotics. Artful Blasphemy loves some exotics, man.

First, I will never not love burnout silk velvet. This red, kimono-style fringed item is just the bomb, and goes with anything. ANYTHING. It’s a fantastic red–just warm enough to work for Fall but also blood red enough to make you feel like you just slayed at that faculty meeting. Yes, I work in theater so I could wear that to faculty meeting and no one would raise an eyebrow. From Etsy seller SaldanaVintage.

From red, then, to iridescent blues….boots I cannot wear but covet. COVET. From Modcloth. On Sale. All hail them, they are amazing.

Below, a wonderful pair of ethnic flats from Zebidah (yes, I confess to clicking on Facebook click bait, I do, I am guilty, but they are so pretty…..). I have almost as much trouble wearing flats as I do heels, but these look so well made that I am very, very tempted by them….

The collision of Russia and China and vintage in this sweater is like maybe the rapture has really come. It is in exquisite condition. It’s tiny, also–OH VINTAGE PEOPLE WHY WERE YOU SO SMALL? I mean, poor nutrition is one but GEEZ. It’s $598 and if was rich it would already be on its way to me. From Etsy seller FabGabs, based out of Portland.

Finally, and via one of my favorite blogs, My One Beautiful Thing, this majestic ring . I want this SO BAD. All the work in this shop, MoshikoArt, is amazing. I would like one of everything, please.


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