Shopping Saturday: Tiny Scenes Trapped Forever

Shopping Saturday 10 01 2016

Shopping Saturday this week is intrigued by resin jewelry. It appeals to my love of all things miniature, and the notion of beautiful things being tucked away so they are seen but can’t be touched.

Upper Left: It has a tiny mountain goat in it. I’m not sure what else one could ask for in a ring, frankly. By Etsy seller 50Kats.

Next is a stunning bracelet by Etsy seller PAGANEuniques. That particular bracelet has sold (not to me, unfortunately) but they have loads of gorgeous and unique stuff in their shop.

Stackable rings with turquoise and copper? Yes please! Found in Etsy shop Resity. So unusual–I just love them.

Feeling a bit more gothic? This purple rose trapped forever in resin is your ticket to the right outfit in which to bury your lover…..Site is French, but if you are truly a dark romantic, you already speak French.

Like the crystal concept? This pendant of ice blue with gold flakes, another from Resity, is gorgeous.

Finally, appeal to your inner belief in fairies with this clever pendant with tiny mushrooms nestled in moss inside it. By RubyRobinBoutique on Etsy. I would wear it every day.


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