Shopping Saturday: BOOTS how I love thee, Boots!


It’s Fall, sort of (that means the highs are only in, like, the 80s around here). BUT, but, Fall means boots. Artful Blasphemy loves, adores, worships and needs boots. All of them. Here are some I am dreaming about:

Upper left corner, FLUEVOGS. Style is Investigator, shown here in blue, purple and yellow, also available in green, pink and black. $329 smackeroos, but they are Fluevogs and that’s all we really need to know.

Lower left corner, El Naturalista via Zappos. Style is Colibri, shown in color combo Plume/Leaf, also available in Black 1, Black/Plume, Brown/Leaf and Rioja/Plume. Gorgeous, and compared to some of the other choices here, muted—sometimes even I need a few good neutrals. $199.90, free shipping and returns.

Next, Victorian blazing red boots with details to die for. Again, Fluevog.Style is Babylon, shown in Red/Pink, also available in Black/Ivory. $319.00 clams. One month without electricity won’t kill you if you are wearing these shoes.

Next, and fighting for a spot closest to my heart, Spring Step style Perignon, in, hilariously, “Beige.” Methinks that is a leetle joke…Also available in Black, which equally doesn’t really apply to the visual feast. On Zappos, for $169.99.

Upper right corner: FLY London, a boot/sandal thing that seems ideal for transitional seasons–wear with tights or without, they are fabulous. Style isYULL616FLY , shown in Ochre Cupido. Also available in Silver Borgogna. Found on for $199.95.

Finally, lower right, a really great pair from Papucei. Do go to the site and look at them up close–they are total works of art. I am viewing them on the international site but the price  is in Euros at 144.00.

C’mon Fall, let’s get some chill in air…..


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