Shopping Saturday: Winner Best Costume


One’s mind naturally turns to costumes this time of year. Let’s pretend we have an unlimited budget.

Let’s start with this reflective, bustled dress from Divamp on Etsy. You are the warrior goddess of everything if you wear this to the big costume ball….only $450, too!

Next to that, also from Divamp Couture, a wig/headdress that I am 75% sure I could make myself if I could source the materials–I wouldn’t find them here in podunk where I live, but I bet the internetz could help me. Or pay Divamp $350 for their amazing work and artistry. In this, you are Cleopatra weaponized.

Below that, a Unicorn Nymph headdress that would be better than anything else anyone is wearing, but be careful you don’t damage the roof of the uber you get to convey your boozy self from party to party. By Idolatre, another of my Etsy faves.

Kitty-corner from it is another Idolatre work that, sadly, has sold. But you could have them make you one if you are determined to be Pan this year, all bare breasted and with some seriously furry animal legs.

Below, sparkly Halloween boots for those of us who have to work on Halloween and whose workplaces–yours, not mine—frown on costumes. From Modcloth. Bonus: not JUST for Halloween. Sweet savings!

Finally, let’s go for gold and break the bank on this full silicone mermaid tail. Halloween swim party under the full moon? Baby, this is your costume. Make sure your MerMan can carry you in, since mobility will clearly be limited. By Etsy seller MerNation. Glorious, no?


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