OOTD: $4 Genius


Okay, I’m wearing that Vogue 1410 dress again, but this time I’m a goddamned genius, because I realized it works perfectly over one of the the two Four Dollar Target Dresses.

See, maybe 10 years ago, I happened by Target and found these knit, tiered maxi dresses on clearance for $4 each. So I bought two. And you guys, I have worn the shit out of these things. Probably more than anything else in my closet in terms of repeats. Couple years ago they were relegated to “walking two blocks to the neighborhood pool” but I suddenly realized they work great as under layers for stuff like this see-through thing I made.

Pure. Genius.

Born Sandals.



  1. Lynn · October 19

    Beautiful! I am still really into that color, especially the specific color of that skirt.

    Liked by 1 person

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