Shopping Saturday: Draping Asymmetrical Embellishment


Shopping Saturday focuses on asymmetry, draping, and surface design. I want every single one of these in my closet right this minute.

Left: Military-inspired asymmetrical coat with fascinating tucks, pockets and peplum-into-skirt details. From Etsy seller YL1Dress, located in China so yeah, it’s a bit of a gamble, but…so, so gorgeous. I want to wear this to a first day of class setting to sort of set a tone, you know?

Next, upper photo: These are the most interesting pants I’ve seen in a long time. You can adjust the height of the legs so that they can be more harm pant-esque or so that they can form this bustled sort of knicker configuration…I am smitten with this concept. By Etsy seller Cocoricoo, I am sorely tempted although I could not wear those shoes…..

Lower Photo: Also from Cocoricoo, and “endlessly wrap maxi dress” that has me both fascinated in terms of engineering as well as wanting six of them RIGHT NOW.

Next: Ombre dyed, described as hoarfrost (sold, you know, that sells it to me right there, “hoarfrost”) wool coat. From Etsy seller idea2lifestyle, whom I’ve featured here in past editions of Shopping Saturday. I don’t live anywhere cold enough for this coat, but if you do…..

Finally, our oddball, but…..I cannot help but love this dress. Found originally on Satan, by Allaroo, a company I cannot find online and that may well be one of those Buykud or related rip-off Chinese operations. But. That’s just one fascinating dress, so even if it’s inaccessible, one must admire.


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