Shopping Saturday: The Scares

Shopping Saturday 10 29 2016 .jpg

So, it’s almost Halloween, so I perused some of the scary/fascinating stuff I gravitate towards on Etsy.

First is a necklace made of a resin (reproduction) kitten skull. By Etsy seller Hysteria Machine, a shop brimming over with creepy-tastic items.

Next to that is a REAL, yes REAL, beetle-cleaned rabbit skull. Y’know. If that isn’t scary to consider arriving via post. By Etsy seller Den of Dermestid. What would you do with it? The Acolyte and I would likely paint it gold, to be honest. We are slightly obsessed with painting things gold.

At the end of the skull row, a really beautiful resin raven skull necklace. By Etsy seller RavenRanch, a new favorite.

Next, on to eyeballs. Eyeballs are creepy. First, a set of doll’s eyes, which I think I might need to own, from Etsy seller TheDollEyes.

Middle…um…okay, these scare the shit out of me. Seriously. From Etsy seller SillyCut. They have a huge variety of creepy, beautiful, weird stuff. And those scary earrings.

Cheap thrills? An eyeball ring. From Etsy seller iceblues.

Finally….dolls. I own the scariest old doll EVER, but since there is only the one, here are some others (also, my ex-husband is/was terrified of dolls, and if I were the vindictive sort I might sort of torture him but, I am not vindictive. Much).

Old composition dolls are the scariest because they come apart in layers. Like this poor soul. Does it have a soul if it’s only a head? From Etsy seller VintageSupplyCo.

Not as scary as some, but give her a year in the compost heap and she’ll come around. Just a head, from Etsy seller reginasstudio.

Finally, YES. You scary motherfucker, you. Who cares about the other dolls in the lot? Not me. From Etys seller rustjunkyvintage.



  1. Sabiscuit · October 29

    I think the raven’s beak was dipped in ink to write that note. How effing cool. 💕❤️❤️💕

    Liked by 1 person

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