Shopping Saturday: Can’t Have Too Many


Boots. One (at least, the one that is Artful Blasphemy) cannot have too many boots. In other places it’s getting cold, and that means winter boots.

First: This beautifully distressed boot from Freebird by Steven. Cost you $300-400 clams, but worth every single ass-kicking penny.

Next: I am searching for the right black boots, and if these didn’t appear to have a low arch, they would win. Alas, perhaps my loss is your gain. By El Naturalista, they’ll be a solid $225 investment in your look.

Middle: The Acolyte sent me these Frankenstein looking booties with rustic stitching and I LUST for them. Bionica corset boots–even the name is wonderful, and they only cost $179.95 (bargain!).

Next: Another offering from El Naturalista that I fear I could not wear, but I adore them. The back lacing and waxed leather calls to my soul. $245.00.

Finally, a brand I have lusted after for two years; Bed Stu.They can distress and work a boot into a piece of art worthy of anyone’s closet. $325.00.

Santa? Are you listening? Hello?



  1. Midwestern Plant Girl · November 5

    I love the first and last. Thanks for reminding me the cold is coming 😣

    Liked by 1 person

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