Shopping Saturday: Cool Weather Glamour


Cold weather… it here yet?

Peruvian Connection has issued their 40th Anniversary Collection and this dress is my soul mate. Sadly, the $598.00 price tag does not work for someone who wants to quit their job and pursue their artistic dreams.

Next is something else from that Allaroo company that exists nowhere but on Satan. This dress isn’t even on Satan anymore, but it will be again, I am sure. The deep green and graphic quality tempt me mightily.

In the middle, if geometry and abstract expressionism had coffee, they might make this wonderful wool coat from Etsy seller Idea2LifeStyle. $139.00.

Draped and long and asymmetrical? Sold. From Etsy seller FloAtelier, and only $54.00.

Bookending it all is another piece from the Peruvian Connection anniversary collection. While I adore the entire look, the skirt is the key item, and its $199.00 price tag seems like a bargain only when compared to that first dress.



  1. Midwestern Plant Girl · November 12

    Sometimes I have to remember how old I am and that my body shape has changed 😝
    Love the red, 4th one in, tho!

    Liked by 1 person

    • artfulblasphemer · November 12

      I am itching to buy that red top, myself–not to wear with skinny jeans, as Artful Blasphemy is not built for those, but with a long skirt it would be fabulous.

      Liked by 1 person

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