Shopping Saturday: A Trip to Faerie Land


Shopping Saturday, Faerie Edition.

Searching the term “Faerie” on Etsy is an adventure, and there are apparently a whole subset of the Fae who choose exotic dancing as a way to support themselves. Artful Blasphemy, however, was seeking more subtle reflections on the theme.

To start, then, a dupioni silk skirt that looks as if it were made of water from 1000Colors on Etsy.

Next, a gorgeous interpretation of the hare in necklace form, from Etsy seller (and consistent favorite) Hibernacula.

Skirting the edge of too weird (see what I did there) but somehow compelling, this skirt from Twigsimmortalized.

For you high rollers, this silver twig and faerie necklace is absolutely stunning. By MysticSwan.

Unique and cozy looking sweater coat is the sort of piece that I say to myself, “I could make that” but then think, “Why should I when MishuBoutique has already done it for me?”

Finally, I am choosy about necklaces with the hippie crystals in them, but this one is just lovely. By Ithuriell.


One comment

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl · December 3

    Faerie skirt is pretty cool. I just don’t get enough opportunities to wear skirts like this. 20 years ago, this soooo would have been in my closet!

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