Shopping Saturday: Lounge In Style

Shopping Saturday 12 24 2016.jpg

Surely you are done shopping? No? Well, think about what you’d like to lounge about in on Christmas Day. I have a silk, quilted, vintage 40s dressing/hostess gown that I like to wear on Christmas Eve, but there are lots of options out there:

From Victorian Trading Company, the Swan’s Down Robe. Like a snuggle all day long. Put some Bailey’s in your coffee and doze by the fire.

Want a more masculine edge? Perfect with jeans, this vintage smoking jacket is the bomb. Maybe Santa put a pipe in your stocking, even. Or wear it while you try those “edibles.” From Etsy seller PitZiCatVintage.

Live in a warmer clime? This 1930s light kimono is the ticket. (Also, you can find more modern ones much cheaper, but his one is GORGEOUS). Grab your mimosa pitcher and stake out the chaise on the sun porch. From Etsy seller SallyHoban.

Sort of like mine (okay, mine is better, but check out the multicolored thread and stitch work in this one), a 50s quilted hostess gown. Martini, please, dirty. Gin. Don’t talk to me about Vodka. From Etsy seller thatwasagoodyear.



  1. Donna from MyOBT · December 21

    Wonderful, as always! My Christmas list included this beauty from Soft Surroundings. Fingers crossed!
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. artfulblasphemer · December 21

    Thank You!❤ My best to you and yours as well! Fingers crossed you find that robe under the tree….


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