Shopping Saturday: Cowboy(girl) Boots


The spouse and I will be taking our annual work (for him)/play (for me) trip to Santa Fe at the end of this month, and that got me thinking about cowboy boots. The spouse being from Chicago, but having lived here in New Mexico for a long while now, finally bought himself a used pair about two or three years ago. I, native New Mexican, do not yet have a pair, despite living 45 miles from El Paso, Texas, where there are some fantastic boot makers. So let’t pretend we have thousands of dollars to spend, shall we?

Top row, and a new discovery to me: RocketBuster Boot Company. Holy shit, you guys, I have a strong need for all of these custom made, hand-tooled beauties. Peacock, Koi, Dragon…..something of your own design….they have got it ALL. I don’t know what my world would be like if I could spend that kind of money on a pair of boots, but these would be worth it.

Middle row, Old Gringo, which are too pricey for me even on the secondhand market (and I can find them in seconds, like there’s a homing beacon, but then all I can do is fondle them and walk away). These styles all found at Rivertrail Merchantile. In particular, Old Gringo has a distinctive pointy toe that makes my heart beat faster.

Finally, also out of El Paso, Luchesse (pronounced Loo-Kay-Zee). Less fancy than the other two, these are a gold standard boot, and you can pay thousands of dollars for a pair on the Santa Fe Plaza (you know, if you’re a tourist), or you can go to their outlet in El Paso. These examples found on Zappos.



  1. Wow , those boots are all gorgeous! I have an old pair of Luchesse boots that were hand-me-downs and even though they’re not as pretty as these, they’re super comfortable and I’m pretty sure they will outlive us all.

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