Shopping Saturday: Jewels and Tentacles and Anatomy


Shopping Saturday…..Jewels that speak volumes about nature (yours, particularly….and mine, certainly). Sometimes you can’t go all out wardrobe wise, but adding just one accessory can speak volumes—okay, the circlet is probably a little much for presenting a brief to the Supreme Court, but to ask if someone wants fries with that I still think it works.

Cicada Ring from Etsy seller ParadiseFindings. I say “Si CAW Da” you say “Si CAY Da” but we all agree this ring is wonderful.

Heart of Stone necklace by regular fave Hibernacula. I NEED this. The Acolyte gave me a gorgeous necklace for Christmas that has bird legs/feet holding a stone and I ADORE it. But I need more. Always.

Octopus leg on leather necklace by OctopusMe is somehow not at all discomfiting despite having just the one….leg? Gorgeous presentation.

Squid wedding band….this is so astoundingly gorgeous, I want to renew my vows posthaste. By Etsy seller ginandbutterflies…..possibly the BEST shop name EVER.

Finally, and forgive the photo, a Serpent circlet for the royal person. I would wear this every damn day. Every. Damn. Day. Going Walmart? Let me grab my crown, just a sec…..From Etsy seller Serpentfeathers.


  1. Midwestern Plant Girl · January 14, 2017

    I may have lost the drive for clothes fashion, but I love blingy, hair things. Love the serpent!

    Liked by 1 person

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