Book Review: Futureland (POC Point of View)


Futureland is a collection of short stories, obviously based in the future, but with Mosley’s point of view coming from that of ethnic minorities and poor people. The book is visually and emotionally evocative of a world where poverty and disenfranchisement has resulted in destruction and terrible choices.

Mosley does not leave us without hope, however, and the theme of the first story runs through the rest of them, granting the reader some closure, even if it isn’t exactly what you’ve hoped for. The first story, in particular, is one I would love to illustrate as I saw it as clearly as I read it—and that is always a good thing in my opinion. I always enjoy Mosley’s writing and his insistence on showing me a world that exists but that I have no place in or experience with—even as I am part of the system that creates it. 4 stars.


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