Book Review: Woken Furies (Takeshi Kovacs #3) (Still Fantastic)


Woken Furies (Takeshi Kovacs #3), Richard Morgan

The third in the series brings us to what has been hinted at all along as Takeshi’s biggest issue; the loss of his true love to extremist religious actions. Some reviewers of Woken Furies suggest that the agenda overwhelms the story—the focus on Takeshi’s overwhelming, perhaps obsessive hatred of an extremist religious order due, in large part, to their treatment of women, is front and center. I would argue, though, that the criticism is the other side of the coin in which the reader gains an understanding of what it is that drives Takeshi, through hundreds of years and life after life after life, to remain focused on his cause. He is obsessed. He is irrational. He is very human, after all, and despite what he does to survive. I found no major flaws in this one, and am hoping that there will be more installments in the series. 4 Stars.



That scarf is really cute, but it’s totally synthetic and it’s kind of like wearing a cheap Halloween wig in that you find all these nearly invisible strands of fiber waving around and getting in your eyes and on your clothes. I got it secondhand at a friend’s studio sale.

Sweater–truly, and old, slightly pilled but just-the-right-length item that I got from Satan ages ago.

That skirt I made

Nine West suede lace up boots in dark olive green.

OOTD: Watercolor Grays


Old reliable, the Kensie top from Buffalo Exchange in Albuquerque.

Scarf/Shawl–a gift from my mother many years ago. I had it three years or more before I ever wore it, but now I wear it quite a bit. You just never know.

Plain gray knit skirt and I *think* the Rieker booties that I don’t really like.

The undercut hairstyle, though, is at its peak right there.

OOTD: Parti Colors


I feel a bit medieval in this.

Hippie Goddess necklace I bought in Bisbee, AZ a few years ago.

Tole-painted Russian broach, that I got at an antique show. Before you spend hundreds on one from the Russian Art Gallery in Santa Fe, cruise through Etsy. They really only cost about $8-30 apiece, not hundreds. Just a hint.

Ella Moss dress over the perfect layering tee from J Crew that my mom gave me (you would have to pry that tee from my cold, dead hands).

Free People skirt from ThredUp and Fly London boots.

OOTD: Many Many Layers


Over top thrifted from……Savers, I think. No label.

Under dress is Adore, from ThredUp

Under that is an American Eagle tee, and the shoes are my El Naturalista booties I got at Buffalo Exchange in Albuquerque.

Necklace, which sadly doesn’t show, is by Michelle Arterburn.