OOTD: Lovely Shawl and All

Necklace: Michelle Arterburn

Shawl: a gift from Egypt via a good friend. I used it as a costume piece so it has a big vintage broach attached as a fancy closure.

Dolce Vita boots, Peruvian Connection Sweater.

OOTD: Waste Not Want Not


The main event here is the skirt. The story behind it is that someone tipped me off to a huge fabric estate, most of which was donated to my former workplace. The donor allowed me some cherry-picking first, and in a box of fabrics I found an 80s pattern for a high-waisted, yoked skirt. The seamstress had cut her fabric (a high quality purple wool) and her lining and had never assembled it. It had set in that box for so long that it had moth holes scattered about.

I couldn’t throw it away, so I assembled it, and then made wool leaves that drive over the skirt and cover those moth holes, along with embellishing the yoke with another scrap of fabric that was in that box and more wool leaves, buttons, etc. This is the first time I ever wore it. It’s adorable, but that wool is itchy as all get out as only the yoke was lined. I may have to fix that at some point….

Book Review: Before the Fall (Perfectly Satisfying)


Before the Fall, Noah Hawley

There’s nothing really wrong with a formulaic book if it’s also very well written. A plane crashes, two people survive, a child and a man, unrelated, both there by chance. The heart of this novel is the humanity, not the plot, not the mystery/suspense that it is driving toward revealing. Each character is examined carefully and well-developed, competing agendas and motivations are skillfully drawn, and the ending is satisfying. It’s the sort of book I’d take on vacation (not if I were flying anywhere, though). It is not challenging reading, nor is it poorly written, it’s just a perfectly formulated summer read that one might forget promptly after reading. 3 stars.

OOTD: Fashion Can Be Demanding


My late best friend and chosen sister referred to this mohair, open-weave sweater as “gossamer mommy” because it’s really difficult to wear around children, dogs, or anything snaggy. I got it at a yard sale once where a woman was unloading, super cheap, a bunch of expensive boutique clothing. I can’ remember if it ever had a label or not, but it’s warm and artistic looking.

Free People skirt from ThredUp

Fly London boots

Necklace by Michelle Arterburn (yes, I am loving it right now, it goes with everything)

OOTD: With and Without Oillily

I wore this two ways. The jacket is Oillily and I got it at a thrift store in Santa Fe a few years ago (said thrift was (wo)manned by a very snotty volunteer who seemed affronted that I thought her opening of the doors meant I could come in. Ugh. I love the jacket, but it’s not as easy to pair up with things as you might think.

Sweater is Anthropologie–yet another time I’ve ordered something new from them and lived to regret it.

Levis jeans

Dolce Vita booties

OOTD: Vintage Sweater, All Black


Vintage 60s DonKenny sweater that I have had forever and can’t decide if I like it or not.

Knit black skirt, label….I’m not sure and too lazy to go get it out of the closet because if I do that I have to take Choux Choux with me and getting her back out of my closet without any damage is really challenging.

Born Boots.

OOTD: Black and Limepeel


Choux Choux. Her eyes still look blue in these photos, but they have changed to a golden, bronze-y green as she’s grown.

Wool top from Anthropologie, label is Moth.

Ruffled top I thrifted years ago.

Limepeel green pants via Satan. I have mixed feelings about them every time I wear them.

Born boots.