Here is one of the first photos of Choux-Choux, the tiny 3.8 lb Pit Bull baby we adopted at the beginning of December. She is absolutely perfect.

Necklace: Michelle Arterburn

Sweater: German, ungodly warm, found at La Tienda de Jardin

Kensie tunic from Buffalo Exchange in Albuquerque


Palladium shoes




  1. OMG! She is so adorable! What a cute spotted nose.
    Better not have her in too many of your posts… folks won’t notice what you’re wearing 😉😉

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  2. Lynn · March 2

    Oh, she is so CUTE! To be honest, I’m more of a cat person myself but she is such an adorable baby.

    Liked by 1 person

    • artfulblasphemer · March 2

      Thanks! She’s adorable, even now at over 30 lbs–we have a cat as well, but I’m allergic and she sort of just joined us about ten years ago and lives mostly outside and in the garage.


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