Small Rant

THIS. This makes me so angry I can’t ResistBot enough. It’s like the time my father-in-law asked me if I could fix my GENETIC condition with “a different diet.” NO. No, please, education and science are just running through our fingers like water; oily, oily water. Intelligence is flying away. We are drowning in a cesspool of deliberate ignorance fostered by echo chambers and internet trolls.

It’s all well and good if you believe in a magical man in the sky who randomly punishes people for not following an arbitrary set of rules (which conflict with the rules of the other magical men in the sky) but the very notion that an ELECTED OFFICIAL thinks that healthy people have “lived right” makes me want to live, very, very wrong for maybe ten minutes in a room alone with him.

But healthcare? We should deny healthcare to sick people because now illness is a sign of moral laxity? GENETICS are not laxity. GERMS are not laxity. Sure, we all like to give a little side-eye at someone with cancer and keep ourselves feeling safe by saying, “Well, see, smoked AND drank, that’s the reason” or diabetes “Well, self-inflicted because: fat person” but deep down most of us know we’re just being superstitious monkeys who can’t function knowing just how RANDOM it all is. We’re throwing salt over our shoulders and touching each doorknob five times with each finger to keep the existential terror at bay.

I actually used to wonder about the Dark Ages, you know, how exactly did we lose literacy? Didn’t anyone keep it up? But now I know. I’m getting the chance to live through the beginning of a major setback for humanity. -Insert inarticulate screaming.-



  1. I couldn’t agree more with you. I’m scared.

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    • artfulblasphemer · May 3

      Me too, but at least those of us who are still sane and literate can continue to refute and resist. Hang in there!


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