OOTD: Sad Face We Had to Come Home

Oh damn, we’re home from Santa Fe. V Italia fancy sneaker booties are from On Your Feet in Santa Fe, usually my last stop while the spouse has to spend time running around the Round House at the NM Legislature. I have way more fun.

I should add that we returned home to a teenager who a) searched his father’s dresser to get the keys to the Ford Platinum truck (the child does not have so much as a learner’s permit) and b) stole the truck (was specifically warned not to drive) and got stopped on the university campus for blowing a stop sign at a high rate of speed and c) somehow got the cop to release him and let a friend come drive the expensive truck home [aside, this kid is damn lucky he’s white, or no cop would’ve even considered that he had the right to drive a luxury vehicle with no license and with his parents out of town] d) went home to have a house party that was broken up by my dog sitter. So my smile, it is strained.


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