Book Review: Some Luck (A lovely visit)


Some Luck, Jane Smiley

An intimate and loving examination of the life of one family over the span of 100 years that is not for you if you want character rather than plot-driven reading. It’s more like sitting on the front porch of the farm, talking to your great grandmother about the history of your family. Where it begins is based on an arbitrary choice (and how far back she remembers) and it ends when she gets tired of talking about it.

Emotionally, it’s a lovely novel that quietly follows a couple from courtship to the end of their lives and leaves us as their children are fumbling about in their own middle age. Descriptive and consistent, but also quite sentimental and often sad, it grants a window into ordinary lives that is a bit reminiscent of Anne Tyler’s work without the comic element. 4 stars.


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