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OOTD: Mystery Pants

OOTD 06 29 2017 AOOTD 06 29 2017 B

I made these pants like, I dunno, two years ago? And never wore them. They are out of some sort of crepe-like linen. I have to move the waist closure because I am a bigger girl now than I was when I made them. I also don’t recall which pattern I used, so BOO for good stitcher blogging.

Book Review: Flight (Great Narrative, Clumsy Plot)


Flight, Sherman Alexie

This is the first book of Alexie’s that I’ve read, and it likely wasn’t the best choice. The emotional elements are extremely strong, as our main character, an Indian foster child who calls himself “Zits” prepares to commit a major crime while at the same time struggles to find an identity from the minimal information he has about himself and other Native Americans. As part of that process, Alexie’s device is to have Zits yanked from present day and placed into the bodies of various people on alternate sides of the early Western expansion including Custer’s battle at Little Bighorn.

While the device functions to provide the reader with an opportunity to see Zits gain insight, it seems clumsily produced and is less seamless than I would have liked. It feels too heavy-handed, ultimately, like the author took a shortcut to wrap things up and arrive at the conclusion more quickly. In some ways, this feels almost like a draft and not an edited, complete novel.  3 stars mainly for topic despite plot problems.

New Listings In My Etsy Store!

It’s time for a girl who wants a summer vacation to sell some goods, so I have been thrifting and also weighing my own hoard  I mean, collections, for things that you want and need. Or just want. Which can be a need.

First, a stunning 1940s bracelet and earring set that I have had for *years* and worn exactly once. It needs a home where dangerous jewelry is collected, loved, and kept away from dogs and kids. My love for its beauty is never-ending, but it wants to live, live, live!

Below that, an astonishing normal–sized pair of 1940s suede heels. They are a vintage 9.5, which means they will fit your perfectly 8.5-9 feet. Perhaps you cannot appreciate the sadness with which we big-footed women approach vintage shoes, but they are all little tiny size 6 AAA and such. Why were vintage people smaller? I always say poor diet, but I am likely wrong. Big footed girls were shipped to the nunnery with boots to fit all feet, I guess. These are very, very special, let me tell you.

Next, a New-In-Box pair of Schiarapelli stockings in Black Nightingale, size 9.5. No, I don’t know how stocking sizes translate, sadly. These are nylon, and the black is a soft, soft darkness with strong purple tones. You might want to try wearing them with those shoes up there, seriously.

Oh, and then patterns. I wandered into a little thrift store so packed with shit one could hardly figure out where to look while in Taos, NM, last week. The proprietor was the dirtiest stoner I ever saw that owned a junk shop, and he had just a few sewing patterns lying about. I collected them, and then a piece of fabric (Dutch Wax, so exciting) and a top (New Romantics!). He said he had LOTS of old patterns at home and if I’d come back he’d bring them in. I happily agreed and he said he’d throw the ones I’d gotten in for free. Alas, I went back not one but two more times and the third time I was greeted by the other dirtiest stoner I’ve ever met who owned a junk store who said Stoner 1 wasn’t in. Oh well, one of those patterns is worth up to $75 so I guess it worked out.

Butterick 5955 late 60s or early 70s Jean Muir pattern is an Austin Powers costume prize, am I right? If you want to make your own vintage-look wardrobe, collect patterns or are a costumer, this one is iconic and extremely fun. Cheap, too!

Folkwear 108 Black Forest Smock, original from the 70s. Uncut, these patterns are very collectible and lucky for you I already have one, so this one can be passed on. McCalls is rumored to have finally bought Folkwear out, so this one is from a time when an optimistic independent pattern designer changed the game for costumers and home stitchers alike.

Vogue 2716 Badgley Mischka fishtail formal dress–given to me by an acquaintance having a yard sale (I accept gifts, you know, always). An uncut, out-of-print pattern that is timelessly flattering and graceful.

The total score from the Stoner, Vogue 2597 Givenchy Paris Designer Original. This baby is worth some cabbage, being uncut and designer and all. Now, before you feel sorry for the Stoner, I went by his shop three times in three days prepared to make him an offer of at least $50 for his box of patterns without sorting them first, and he squandered his opportunity. You smoke, you lose. At least if you are trying to remember where that box of old patterns is.

Finally, Vogue’s Basic Design 2412, uncut, a groovy 70s coat with an outstanding collar design you know you need in your life. You NEED it. Trust me.