OOTD: Vogue 8813 For the First (but not last) Time

OOTD 07 05 2017 AOOTD 07 05 2017 B

If you ever search Vogue 8813 on Pinterest you will be amazed by how popular and interesting this pattern happens to be. I became obsessed and actually paid FULL PRICE for this bitch, that’s how much I wanted it.

The teenager walked by the form and said, “That’s a shawl.” I said, “No, it’s a dress.” He said, “It’s a HUGE dress, mom. It’s too big for you.” I said, defensively, “It’s a LOOSE and FLOWY dress.”

Changes I made: I lengthened it. The pattern is a shorter dress and I don’t do that without tights and it’s summer so, no. I added about 12″ in a band around the hemline (later I went in and altered the pattern length, but this was my first attempt). Also, I made a facing for the neckline and can I say, SHAME ON YOU VOGUE for your lack of facings. If I want sloppy shortcut sewing, I go to Simplicity, thank you.

Also, the pattern has this very complicated business with the shirring at the center front, and I said, “Fuck that” and used 1/8″ wide elastic and stretched as I zig-zagged it. Much easier.

Fabric is a lovely, soft rayon I got in downtown El Paso last year the night before my heart surgery (a girl about to do that gets to go fabric shopping, it’s the law).



  1. thenaughtybun · July 5

    Perfect hot summer dress. Your son clearly has no idea, but then he’s not you. Fabric shopping for comfort is clearly a thing, and way more healthy than comfort eating…

    Liked by 1 person

    • artfulblasphemer · July 5

      I’m actually just pleased the child took notice of what I was working on–not typical for a teenage boy! It is wonderfully comfortable 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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