Book Review: How To Build A Girl (Fantastic and Groundbreaking)


How To Build A Girl, Caitlin Moran

This was in my top ten books I read in 2016.

Shame on the publisher for putting a skinny girl on the cover because this is not a story about a skinny girl, nor is it a story about a fat girl who wants to be skinny. This is a story about a fat, sex-obsessed, music obsessed, poor teenager who struggles to step outside the boxes of social restrictions and become the woman she wants to be.

There have been SO many coming-of-age stories written about boys, and a few more written about skinny, generally pretty girls, but this one is the best and only one need ever read if representation and joy and reality are what you want. It’s rowdy, bawdy, tender and REAL. The fact that she is fat is not even that central to plot—this girl believes in herself and thus so does everyone else. She reminds us that fat girls get laid and are sexy and smart and have great fashion sense and that it’s perfectly okay to reject SHAME.

Truly a hilarious breath of fresh air; I hope author continues to write about real girls becoming real women until such time as no one even wonders what size jeans they are wearing. 5 Stars.


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