July Paper Dolls

July 2017 Collage 1July 2017 Collage 2

Onward to August!



  1. Sabiscuit · July 31

    Naturally, I had to check out your shoes. Ace!!! I need to really up my shoe game. Second to last outfit combo – Wow!!! Love the palette. This can go for just about any season. xo


    • artfulblasphemer · July 31

      You are too kind! The shoe game got harder when I added “comfort”to the requirements, but if one watches sales and such, dowdy can be avoided. Mostly.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sabiscuit · July 31

        Comfort is relative. I tried some Prada shoe game (on sale) in spring but they were uncomfortable. I’m apparently able to sprint in 5″ Jessica Simpsons but not 1/4″ kitten heels. This makes no sense.


      • artfulblasphemer · July 31

        I feel you. FLY are the only heels I can wear because they are so stable, height doesn’t matter nearly as much as that. And flats hurt my back.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sabiscuit · July 31

        Thanks for the tip. Hunting them now. xo


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