OOTD: Vogue 1502 With Variations

OOTD 07 31 2017 AOOTD 07 31 2017 BV1502_01

So, I made this from Vogue 1502, and the bottom picture is the cover of the pattern. I decided, because this is how I roll, to make it in a stretch instead of a woven, and to add to the difficulty, I used a stretch mesh with small ruffles all through it that was SUPER see-through. Also, I applied “must not buy anything new” as a rule to force stash busting.

The best part of using stretch in a woven pattern is that you get to eliminate zippers, but I can also tell you I did not pick the most perfect fabric given the pieced yoke at center front, but I made do and I think it’s okay.

Other items of interest:

The pattern provides for a sort of built in camisole and slip, which I used a nude knit for, but I also backed the bodice with a palest gray power net due to how transparent the fabric was. This turned out to be a mistake, as the gray and the nude made the skirt and bodice look like they were different colors. How did this get solved? Well, ultimately the dress was still too see-through on the bottom, so I added that draped peplum affair. Which I like, and I don’t think it has the “emergency fix” look.

Also, since I used a stretch, I didn’t have to cut all that bias binding, I just self bound with the mesh, and I eliminated the bow–I loathe bows. I’m just not precious enough for that.

I do plan to try it again in a woven at some point, as I really like the dress.


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  1. Great solution on the bodice!

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