Book Review: Black Swan Green (Basic)

Black Swan Green

Black Swan Green, David Mitchell

[I have decided to start doubling up the reviews so that I can catch up, since I’m reviewing things I read over six months ago and don’t recall clearly].

That said, I read Black Swan Green right after I read How to Build a Girl, so while I appreciate it on a technical level, I also felt entirely impatient and tired of the “white boy coming-of-age” format, since WE HAVE SO MANY ALREADY. I’ve read Summer of 42 and Catcher in the Rye and all the other various and sundry classic coming of age stories, which is all well and good until I read How to Build a Girl and realized what I’ve been missing. Had my mind not been opened, I’d say this was quite well done; but now I guess I’m woke and it’s unsatisfying.  3 Stars.


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