OOTD: It’s My Birthday!

OOTD 08 09 2017 AOOTD 08 09 2017 BOOTD 08 09 2017 COOTD 08 09 2017 D

First of all, today is my birthday. I’m 48! Pretty soon I’ll have to start tagging “fashionover50″ which is a tad jaw-dropping.

But, given that today is my birthday, I’m glad this dress is what I’m showing you. I made this using Vogue 9253. Here are the details:

First of all, the fabric I used is obviously gorgeous, and not-so-obviously cheap poly. Me being me, I wanted to match the pattern at all seams, and I did, although that was slightly hampered by the fact that there is a weaving flaw where some sections were not as tight as others and therefore matching caused some distortion, which was really irritating.

Secondly, see that plunge? Vogue would like you to be a sloppy stitcher and bind the back neck with bias tape (WAT) and just turn under the front neckline. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I’m wearing a plunge neck and no bra, I want FAR MORE assurance that the girls are going to stay under wraps, know what I mean? So, in order to do that right, you have one of two choices: Draft your own facings, which is what I did, or Use bias tape AS A FACING (this way it will not show, but the fact that it’s bias means it will provide some tension to keep the fabric flat and the girls inside). I am disappointed in Vogue’s sloppy sewing, I go to Simplicity if I want to be outraged by sloppy sewing, thank you very much.

Also, due to that plunge neckline, there is really no need for the zipper, so I eliminated it. Finally, in future versions I would attach the sash at Center Front, not Center Back, as it will sit better. I am not sure why Vogue chose the back, frankly.

Despite poor patterning and cheap fabric, though, it looks *smashing* don’t you think? Photos taken at the Tucson Botanical Garden, which is lovely. And hot.



  1. James J. Cudney IV · August 9

    Happy Birthday!


  2. anastasiagregory · August 9

    Happy Birthday! That dress looks stunning on you 🙂



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