OOTD: Anniversary & Being Alive to Tell It

OOTD 09 07 2017 AOOTD 09 07 2017 B

A) Today it has been ten years since my best friend and soul sister and her five year old daughter were murdered by her husband. Know what else? More women and children have been murdered by men in the last ten years than you or I can count. It is the epidemic that we accept as normal and natural. THEY KILL US AND KILL US AND KILL US. And we make television with sexy dead female corpses and examine in loving detail how they were raped and murdered and it’s happening right fucking. now. And now. And a minute ago. Will we ever stop?

B) Luray Hodder Kuca would deeply appreciate this thrifted ensemble, had she not been murdered, because I got this top at that dirty stoner’s shop and it’s The New Romantics by Free People and I am wearing it BACKWARDS. I know, I hear you cheering. Being her friend taught me to let go of what other people might think and dress for myself. She changed my life, and I will never forget her, Ruby, or the lives they should still be living today.


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