It’s Not Really Nesting, but Similar

What can I do while we wait for a phone call? Mostly, worry. But then yesterday I thought, I could start really purging the guest bedroom (better and more accurately known as the Overflow Studio) so that once we are on the other side of this disaster, the Eldest will have a more welcoming place to stay while he is with us. Also, once he gets on a list, we will have to break his lease and his stuff is going to have to go somewhere.

That, naturally, led me to the Gameroom, as during the Endocarditis/double valve replacement, I had moved a bunch of stuff in bins from said Overflow Studio and under the pool table, where they have remained ever since–at the time, he still lived with his girlfriend so his household didn’t have to come here–now, he doesn’t, so it does and that’s a bigger order.

The bin full of boxes I might use to ship fiber art if sold online? To the recycling. Costume elements from a movie that never got made (the producer, for whom I was working, didn’t even tell me they shelved it, that’s how professional that outfit was)? Put in a pile for a junior costumer I know who might want them. Etc, etc. Clothes sorted into bags by size and advertised for $10 a bag? Three are sold, one is lingering. It goes to the thrift store on Tuesday.

The Youngest was conveniently home skipping school [yes, you’ll need info, I get it. So, A) our school district was hit with ransomeware so all computer related classes can’t, er, computer at the moment, so someone doesn’t see it as a big deal if he skips watching Hackers for the third time and B) he’s proudly managed to never attend an assembly and I’m kind of rooting for him in this department] so he got to take bins of textiles down from the closet, then put them back up, etc, lather, rinse, repeat until, whaddya know? He went back to school! I’ve cut about 5 bins worth of hoarding and emptied two dressers.

It looks like chaos but it isn’t. Mostly. It’s on the way to better things. Now I have to get the spouse and the Youngest to move furniture tomorrow. Then we can swap some furniture and other boring as fuck stuff that is useful only to fill time since there’s little chance the transplant team will call on a weekend. Otherwise I really have no choice but to give in to my brain eating anxiety and that won’t do anyone any good.