BTW: We Got a Puppy


She is an 8-week old -mumble-mumble- breed that was rescued at about a day old. She’s been hand raised and nearly died twice. Weighing in at a whopping 3.8 lbs, she is desperately trying to catch up to the size of her head. We named her Choux-Choux, which is French for cabbage-cabbage, because they use “cabbage” as an endearment like we use “pumpkin.”

Choux-Choux was likely bred to be a bait dog for dog fighting. Instead of a shitty life of pain and violence, she is and will be raised with careful training to always remind her who is in charge, and that it isn’t her. No one will clip her ears or dock her tail. She is a smart, always-hungry dog who is already learning that she must sit to earn anything and that there are always three people vying to let her sleep on them. Right now she is annoyed that I am typing while she is trying to take a hard-earned nap. Her nose is very, very pink.