Friday Art Day: On the Island of Girlhood Dreams

On the Island of Girlhood Dreams 2016

From the Floating Worlds series, On the Island of Girlhood Dreams, 2016. Assemblage on board. Guenevere MMahon, artist. All rights reserved.

Friday Art Day: Cut Off

Sinking Girl

My best friend and her then 5-year-old daughter were murdered by her husband in 2007, and he subsequently took his own life. I made a lot of art over the next two years as I processed this horrific and traumatizing event. I only did one piece that directly reflected on the loss of Ruby, as it was hard to even contemplate. I had a child her age, so I knew what moments were being missed every day.

This piece, Cut Off, addresses the notion of an innocent child who doesn’t know or understand why, or what has happened, and is simply cut off from their future. All hopes and dreams suspended.

Cut Off, 2009, Colored Pencil and Marker on Bristol and Board. NFS.