Alchemy: Golden Windows

Artful Blasphemy is currently obsessed with a T-shaped tunic pattern as the best art garment ever. This one is unfinished, but I am using a combination of a bound opening/reverse applique to create these tumbling, organic blocks that are like windows. This one of a kind wearable art will likely find its way to Etsy–along with several others that are in the works.

OOTD My Own Design

This ensemble is one that Artful Blasphemy made in her home laboratory (Okay, Studio, but I was feeling like a Brit and like saying “LaBORatory”).

Sweater (which I did not make), thrifted at La Tienda de Jardin is cashmere by Prive.

Heathered sweater knit fabric was acquired at JoAnns, of all places. The vest has deliberate contrast in terms of grain line and lots of wispy tendrils, which are one of Artful Blasphemy’s stylistic hallmarks. Do dash over to my Etsy store to see some other tendrils….

The skirt has an applique, free form motif that reminds me of bubbles in liquid or maybe something coral-ly in the sea.

Taupe Fidji booties.

The vest I designed and patterned myself, the skirt I made with a pattern. One of the downsides of being a stitcher is that people naturally think that you would love to sew, oh, a knock off wedding gown for $50. Erm. No. Just no.

I charge $40 an hour for contract sewing, but I also have pricing baselines for jobs. This was learned the hard way, when I made a silk dupioni dress for a client (lined in charmeuse) that morphed from “make me a dress from this pattern” to “fully drafted pattern, 4 million fittings, three mock ups and endless styling advice”. The resultant dress was gorgeous and fit like a couture dress, but I got paid $350 (and I had to fight for that much) for about 40-60 hours of work. This is why couture costs you so much, like, $1600 much. AND the client insisted I give her the mock up so that she could re-make it for herself whenever she wanted.

I gave it to her, but only because at that point it looked like this:

Kathleen Mock Up 4

And, of course, it was in pieces since the mock up becomes the pattern for the garment.

Don’t take advantage of artists, you guys! Pay for quality and you will have some very fine clothes in your closet.

OOTD Western Victorian Festival

Artful Blasphemy was hired awhile back (which means we are not sure if it was a year ago or two or whatever) to build a skirt for a production of Annie Get Your Gun at a local symphony. The skirt was baby-wale stretch corduroy, and painted with some Western motifs.

So smitten with it was I that I made myself my own skirt from the same fabric. I constructed it as a gored skirt, (eight I think) with godets that then also had godets next to them for stupendous flare, added gorgeous serged ruffles and hand-painted chrysanthemums in each large godet.

Then I stopped eating gluten and lost some weight, so it doesn’t fit me all that well anymore, and it is also not possible to alter because *someone* top-stitched the whole goddamned thing.

But it’s lovely, right?

Necklace(s): A beautiful fairy seeming thing I bought from a dirty hippie girl in Bisbee, AZ. She told me it was very powerful and attracted energy and I said, “Shhhhh. I just want to buy it, okay?”

Sweater: Sleeping on Snow, from Anthropologie to my mother to me, size S.

Blouse: A perfectly Edwardian style blouse by Intuitions, via Dillards and then my mother. I am blessed with a parent who changes her mind a lot.

Skirt: Where were you? Go back and read the beginning.

Shoes: Antelope, via Satan. Size 9.5.

OH WAIT. Artful Blasphemy has not talked to WordPress about Satan. Satan is Zulily, where orders are shipped via a slow boat from China, sometimes cancelled altogether, not returnable and frequently entirely unlike what was presented on the website. Artful Blasphemy cannot stay away, but warns you to BEWARE. It’s a gamble, Zulily is.