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A little sample of what my patrons will see next week on Patreon….. as little as $1 a month will get you in the club 😉

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Long angle peek at a drawing I just finished. Want more? For as little as $1 a month, you can be my patron at and see new work every week before anyone else does, including frequent step-by-step process photos. C’mon, it’s only a dollar. If you want to give more you can, and there are rewards, too!

Updates and Housekeeping

Not really, I hate housekeeping–although I do make the bed everyday. Makes me feel like I have control over my world.

Currently, I am spending every free moment in the studio drawing. There’s a bit of fiber art happening, too, but I have, to date, completed 15 new drawings; more than I’ve completed over the last 6.5 years. I have started an account with Patreon, where, for as little as $1 a month, you can support me and have access to my patron-only feed. So far, I have three patrons. The awesome thing about Patreon is that one dollar a month is not a burden for most people, yet if an artist can get 50, 100 or more people to commit just that one dollar month, they have an income to help them create more and better art. You can check that out at

Give that Patreon is another media platform that requires separate posts from my regular fashion and reading offerings, I’m suspending Shopping Saturday indefinitely. It’s a fun post, but very time-consuming to create. I want to focus on generating business for myself and my work because making art is at the heart of who I am and what I want to do.

Feminist Fridays will remain inconsistent but I’m not ditching it. It’s important to constantly consider women’s rights and needs in a patriarchy that still doesn’t believe that there are any “great” female artists.

Fashion continues because hey, I wear clothes everyday. Book reviews, too, as I also read just about every day. Puppy photos will be random and adorable.

Have a great weekend, and if you have an extra dollar lying around, consider supporting me on Patreon. I’m doing some really amazing work, and I’d love to show it to you.

Good News!

That address is my Patreon page. Patreon is a website that allows artists to find patrons who will contribute as little as $1 a month toward supporting that artist’s work. You don’t buy or sell anything, you support an artist and that artist’s work. I am making a few public teaser posts, and have already gotten two patrons, which is exciting.

Please consider supporting my work or sending the link to someone you think would like it.

If you do support my work, you are the absolute BEST, and I promise it will be well worth the effort.

Winter 2017: Art Quilting Studio Magazine and ME!

On newsstands today, the Winter 2017 edition of Art Quilting Studio which features my work! People all over the world will be looking at my work in one of the most beautifully photographed magazines I have ever seen. A little over a year ago I decided to make a huge commitment to myself as an artist, and hired MeganBagels to work as my studio assistant so I could maximize my time. In less than a year, my newest body of work was noticed and I was invited to submit for this publication.

Even in a time of intense self doubt and a lot of negative stuff happening behind the curtain, THIS reminds me that I am an extremely skilled, very creative, brilliant artist and there are people who get what I’m doing. Thanks also to Michelle Arterburn, whose lovely button is so gorgeous they were afraid it would detract from the stitching, so they covered it up (srsly). Visit my Etsy store, Artful Blasphemy, to snap up some one-of-a-kind work. I’ll probably be at Barnes & Noble or JoAnns telling people, “I’m in this magazine” until they call security.