Shopping Saturday: Stop and Stare

Shopping Saturday 01 28 2017.jpg

If I hadn’t happened by this post at Donna’s One Beautiful Thing blog (please follow, it’s amazing), you wouldn’t be getting a Shopping Saturday because this gal will be having a long weekend in Santa Fe, NM, my favorite place on earth. BUT, check out the wonderful hosiery that StopAndStareCo have in their Etsy store. These are just a few of my immediate favorites, and the price is quite reasonable. Now if I could get a custom pair printed to work with my typical knee-high boots—HEAVEN.

OOTD: Cinch It Up


Mmmmm, the corset or waist-cincher belt. A great way to control something so flowy your shape gets lost, or to break up something tight. You can’t lose.

First, mermaid scales hand-tooled belt from Contrived to Charm on Etsy. It’s the coloring that is just phenomenal on this–looks like it was just hauled up from the sea.

Second, from Anthropologie, a nice lighter brown and very warm leather cincher that would be a forever-belt in any wardrobe. Also handy for pirate costumes.

Next, this one is gorgeous but obvs a bit more of a commitment in terms of it’s constriction–I have one that is about this wide and it’s great until you want to sit in your car and it digs into your ribs. I love that it already has a vintage look to it–you could say it came down from your grandfather who ran away to join the circus and people couldn’t call you out on that. By Etsy seller LoveYaaYaa.

And now, we’re talking professional level. Everything about this appeals to me from the wraparound shaping to the height to the handy compartments. This makes all my fantasy/scifi/geek dreams come true in one belt. From Etsy seller ArbriMecanique.

Finally, from Cock of the Walk Designs, a hand tooled cincher that is a work of art. I’ve worked with a costume designer who costumes Westerns a lot, and this company is a go-to for her, and their work is stunning.

Shopping Saturday: Jewels and Tentacles and Anatomy


Shopping Saturday…..Jewels that speak volumes about nature (yours, particularly….and mine, certainly). Sometimes you can’t go all out wardrobe wise, but adding just one accessory can speak volumes—okay, the circlet is probably a little much for presenting a brief to the Supreme Court, but to ask if someone wants fries with that I still think it works.

Cicada Ring from Etsy seller ParadiseFindings. I say “Si CAW Da” you say “Si CAY Da” but we all agree this ring is wonderful.

Heart of Stone necklace by regular fave Hibernacula. I NEED this. The Acolyte gave me a gorgeous necklace for Christmas that has bird legs/feet holding a stone and I ADORE it. But I need more. Always.

Octopus leg on leather necklace by OctopusMe is somehow not at all discomfiting despite having just the one….leg? Gorgeous presentation.

Squid wedding band….this is so astoundingly gorgeous, I want to renew my vows posthaste. By Etsy seller ginandbutterflies…..possibly the BEST shop name EVER.

Finally, and forgive the photo, a Serpent circlet for the royal person. I would wear this every damn day. Every. Damn. Day. Going Walmart? Let me grab my crown, just a sec…..From Etsy seller Serpentfeathers.

Shopping Saturday: Cowboy(girl) Boots


The spouse and I will be taking our annual work (for him)/play (for me) trip to Santa Fe at the end of this month, and that got me thinking about cowboy boots. The spouse being from Chicago, but having lived here in New Mexico for a long while now, finally bought himself a used pair about two or three years ago. I, native New Mexican, do not yet have a pair, despite living 45 miles from El Paso, Texas, where there are some fantastic boot makers. So let’t pretend we have thousands of dollars to spend, shall we?

Top row, and a new discovery to me: RocketBuster Boot Company. Holy shit, you guys, I have a strong need for all of these custom made, hand-tooled beauties. Peacock, Koi, Dragon…..something of your own design….they have got it ALL. I don’t know what my world would be like if I could spend that kind of money on a pair of boots, but these would be worth it.

Middle row, Old Gringo, which are too pricey for me even on the secondhand market (and I can find them in seconds, like there’s a homing beacon, but then all I can do is fondle them and walk away). These styles all found at Rivertrail Merchantile. In particular, Old Gringo has a distinctive pointy toe that makes my heart beat faster.

Finally, also out of El Paso, Luchesse (pronounced Loo-Kay-Zee). Less fancy than the other two, these are a gold standard boot, and you can pay thousands of dollars for a pair on the Santa Fe Plaza (you know, if you’re a tourist), or you can go to their outlet in El Paso. These examples found on Zappos.

Shopping Saturday: SALES!!!


Let’s talk end-of-year sales, shall we? I’ve picked three retailers: Modcloth, ColourPop and TrendyLegs, all of whom are having stellar sales.

From Modcloth, which is offering 30% off sale prices with the code “GOODBYE2016″, I’ve chosen:

Proper Presentation Pants in Lake, which are already on sale for $20.99–THEN you get 30% off at checkout! If they are already gone, keep shopping…there’s a lot to choose from.

Exam Day Elegance Oxford Heel in Sunflower, a charming shoe for just about any occasion, on sale for $37.99 plus 30% off!

Genuine Joy Floral Dress–Modcloth has great range in sizes and this one is just lovely. Marked down to $71.99, plus—yes! 30% off!

From ColourPop, the only lipstick that truly doesn’t move once applied (I am enchanted with their matte lippies)–all special holiday products are discounted 30% until they run out.

Embellish Ultra Matte Lip is a blackened brown matte lip marked down from $6 to $4.80.

Not on sale, but gorgeous and only $5 Leather Pencil Lippie Pencil–a color for now that will also carry you into Spring.

Bijou Ultra Satin Lip–try it and let me know, I’ve only tried the matte…..also on sale for $4.80.

Finally TrendyLegs, home of the greatest tights in the world.

Live Fast dark gray tights on sale for $18.

Seahorse printed tights on sale for $19. The Acolyte is screaming if she is looking at these…..

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so get these Love Me Tender tights now while they’re only $19.

What are you waiting for? Go shopping!

Shopping Saturday: Lounge In Style

Shopping Saturday 12 24 2016.jpg

Surely you are done shopping? No? Well, think about what you’d like to lounge about in on Christmas Day. I have a silk, quilted, vintage 40s dressing/hostess gown that I like to wear on Christmas Eve, but there are lots of options out there:

From Victorian Trading Company, the Swan’s Down Robe. Like a snuggle all day long. Put some Bailey’s in your coffee and doze by the fire.

Want a more masculine edge? Perfect with jeans, this vintage smoking jacket is the bomb. Maybe Santa put a pipe in your stocking, even. Or wear it while you try those “edibles.” From Etsy seller PitZiCatVintage.

Live in a warmer clime? This 1930s light kimono is the ticket. (Also, you can find more modern ones much cheaper, but his one is GORGEOUS). Grab your mimosa pitcher and stake out the chaise on the sun porch. From Etsy seller SallyHoban.

Sort of like mine (okay, mine is better, but check out the multicolored thread and stitch work in this one), a 50s quilted hostess gown. Martini, please, dirty. Gin. Don’t talk to me about Vodka. From Etsy seller thatwasagoodyear.

Shopping Saturday: Gift Guide for Me and People Like Me


Last minute shopping for me? Oh, you shouldn’t. No, of course you should. Worry not, pet, here are some ideas….and they’re good for many more folks than just me, so fill up your bag and make a cocktail to celebrate your success when the shopping is done!

Cathedral Leggings from Etsy seller CarouselInk, a perennial favorite.  They’re only $38!

Another mannequin bust? I need another mannequin bust? Gifts are about Wanting, not Needing. And I want it. From Victorian Trading Company, it must be very small because it’s only $39.95.

Classy purse with embroidered peacock feather? Yes, please. From Plasticland. A mere $69.00. I was born in 1969, so it’s a good number.

ERMAGAWD. Pixie shoes, hand made, no worries, I will wait as long as it takes for these to be made. From Etsy seller FairySteps—I want EVERYTHING. Every blessed thing. $215.32. Worth it.

Back to PlasticLand for a nice journal. Hurry, it’s on sale for $11.19. The right journal is hella important to acquire at the new year; must be lovely to look upon, must have lines (preferably college-rule or smaller), must lay flat.

Finally, back over to Victorian Trading Company for these clever leggings with a stocking/garter illusion. I can wear them with my corset illusion tee I bought from CarouselInk a long time ago.

Shopping Saturday: A Trip to Faerie Land


Shopping Saturday, Faerie Edition.

Searching the term “Faerie” on Etsy is an adventure, and there are apparently a whole subset of the Fae who choose exotic dancing as a way to support themselves. Artful Blasphemy, however, was seeking more subtle reflections on the theme.

To start, then, a dupioni silk skirt that looks as if it were made of water from 1000Colors on Etsy.

Next, a gorgeous interpretation of the hare in necklace form, from Etsy seller (and consistent favorite) Hibernacula.

Skirting the edge of too weird (see what I did there) but somehow compelling, this skirt from Twigsimmortalized.

For you high rollers, this silver twig and faerie necklace is absolutely stunning. By MysticSwan.

Unique and cozy looking sweater coat is the sort of piece that I say to myself, “I could make that” but then think, “Why should I when MishuBoutique has already done it for me?”

Finally, I am choosy about necklaces with the hippie crystals in them, but this one is just lovely. By Ithuriell.

Shopping Saturday: Hiding In Plain Sight


The biggest shopping weekend of the year and I promise you, I have not left my house. Wait, that may be a lie, as my inlaws will be visiting. Which means that I am envisioning otherworldly things that I might wear to convey my mood as the visit drags on…..

I think this sets the tone for day one, don’t you? Headdress and makeup together with one of my many kimonos should say, “Think about what you want to say to me right now, I am powerful.” By MimsyCrowns. This is the sort of Etsy prominence I aspire to, honestly. Everything she does is breathtaking.

Below that, an Alphonse Mucha corset that will remind me that I am in total control of my person, and will not be provoked by my Father in Law’s insistence that climate change is the fault of the Democrats, for demanding clean air laws in California and disturbing the layer of pollution that held the heat in….really, I lose focus until jolted back to reality by his penguin laugh (Nyah! Nyah! Nyah! he barks). By Etsy seller RetroFolie. Superb Craftsmanship.

In the middle, for Thanksgiving day, perhaps? We are eating out (I vowed never to cook for my inlaws many years ago, as they don’t eat flavor) and I will be drinking unlimited mimosas. I think this says, “Say a word about the election and I will freeze you and shatter you into a million pieces.” Nyah. Nyah. Nyah. By Etsy seller HysteriaMachine, I want everything they have.

Top Right, exhaustion with the incessant talking about NOTHING (my mother-in-law would die if her mouth stopped moving for a moment and it matters not what she talks about, she will report what’s on TV as if you are visually impaired) might lead to a simpler foundational support that says “I am here, holding you up. Keep smiling, keep nodding, move slowly.” From Etsy seller RoyalTailor.

Finally, the day before they leave. Speak not to the creature, she will silence you with a snap of her deadly fingers. I will wear it when we go out to the one plain restaurant they like so they can order overcooked pork chops and talk about how nice it is. Also from HysteriaMachine.

Shopping Saturday: Cool Weather Glamour


Cold weather… it here yet?

Peruvian Connection has issued their 40th Anniversary Collection and this dress is my soul mate. Sadly, the $598.00 price tag does not work for someone who wants to quit their job and pursue their artistic dreams.

Next is something else from that Allaroo company that exists nowhere but on Satan. This dress isn’t even on Satan anymore, but it will be again, I am sure. The deep green and graphic quality tempt me mightily.

In the middle, if geometry and abstract expressionism had coffee, they might make this wonderful wool coat from Etsy seller Idea2LifeStyle. $139.00.

Draped and long and asymmetrical? Sold. From Etsy seller FloAtelier, and only $54.00.

Bookending it all is another piece from the Peruvian Connection anniversary collection. While I adore the entire look, the skirt is the key item, and its $199.00 price tag seems like a bargain only when compared to that first dress.